Daughters of Isabella - Rhode Island State Circle

Joanne B. Burger
RI State Regent

My Dear Friend,

It is my pleasure as the State Regent of the Daughters of Isabella to introduce you to the beautiful rituals and lessons of our organization. Our motto is Unity, Friendship and Charity. We serve as an arm of the Catholic Church by supporting its teachings and their ideas and morals.


As a fraternal organization not only in Rhode Island but throughout the United States and Canada.

Our State Circle awards two scholarships yearly to two females entering a Catholic High School totaling $4,000.

We have within our state a local circle that will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary on September 30, 2012

We participate in Retreats, Days of Recollection, Masses, Living Rosaries to enhance and strengthen our relationship with God.


Our extending of friends are not only in Rhode Island and our New England states but throughout the United States and Canada.

We all share our talents and experiences and support one another in times of need, crises and celebrations.


Our charitable works include working with the Right to Life organizations, soup kitchens, Mother of Life Center, Centers for Abused Women and the list goes on.

If you are searching for an organization that our motto meets your needs, I ask that you contact me.


Joanne B. Burger, State Regent